What To Do Now?

"pas umur 27, lo akan ngambil keputusan penting dalam hidup lo" - 3 Hari Untuk Selamanya

When I first watched the movie, I thought, what's with being 27? The fact that I know about the Forever 27 Club, made me more curious with the 27th year of a person's life.

And now here I am. 27 years and 9 days. How do I feel?

About Work

So there's this big project is on progress. It will take more than 2 years to complete. Since I've just assigned to a new work function, let's just say I've also moved from white-belt insignificant officer, to yellow-belt insignificant officer. Same wage, more workload. But the thing is, I get to learn many things. I'm so grateful with the new job I don't mind doing long hours overtime. The process is long, exhausting, and sometimes (if not often), depressing, but the excitement kinda pay off all of the downside.
At this time of life, you will meet people younger than you with position and salary above you. Embrace it wisely. You don't like your position? Ask for a promotion or a raise, don't just whine like a hubbub teenage girl. Or build a new company. Best medicine for dissapoinment is a higher rebound, right?  

About Leisure

Have been working for 5 years, you should be able to finance all kind of leisure you want to have. So yeah, for me life's been pretty good in this department.. vacations (3 more to come.. :p), quick getaways, concerts (maroon 5! plus kahitna and owl city to come), musical plays (matah ati! laskar pelangi!), again I'm so grateful.
New places are not scary anymore :) you can always make itineraries to places you've never been before with some little help from the internet and Google Map! And remember, a good trip is as good as the relation with you and your travelling partner. So, choose your destination, and partner, wisely :)  

About Friendship

You can have many circles of friends (like they do on G+), but the most important ones are still the ones whose phone number you have on your mobile. Let's be honest, who else have the people on I-know-their-bb pin/email/gtalk/ym-but-i-don't-know-their-mobile-phone-number list beside me? anyone? no? please? :p

About Relationship

This is my favourite subject. I have always dislike too much attention to my personal life. I have lived a good life so far where people mind their own business, and I mind mine. But now? OMFG! There are these constant poking from almost everyone that you have the urge to bark back -as a resiprocal courtesy:"> -, or at least spray some pepper-spray to them -just as defense mechanism- :p
Don't you hate it when people act like they know what's best for you when they don't know what you're going through.
Oh how I wish people can be well behaved when asking the "when" question, especially for wedding and pregnancy thing. I have known, listened, read about -too- many people hurt from being asked those questioned. constantly. So, elder people, married people, mummies and daddies, please show some emphaty to your fellow human, yes? Do help if you can, or just shut up. thank you.

About life, generally

At 27, you listen to yourself more, and others less. Self esteem increases. One of my resolution is to be less pretentious. Do goofy things, write corny writings, twit your feelings, try new things, pursue your childhood dreams - no matter how late people say it is-, laugh uncontrolably, and, last but not least, do some sports and eat right (ignore those mocking-toned "are you on a diet" questions for they won't pay your hospital bills when you're sick).

I hope all of us lead a high quality life! *cheers*

So what's the big decision you're going to make, N?
That's for me to know and for you to find out :-*

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TED mengatakan...

me likey:
the "hubbub"
the "relationshit"
and overall the 27... hmmm Amy Winehouse is a club member i believe LOL

Hari Harmaen mengatakan...

just accept it, although it is not fair

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