Hello World v4.0

This is like my n-th blog. not an achievement that I’m proud of, actually. But I’m still in the phase of searching for the best blogging site. And now I stumbled on tumblr. :p
What’s ‘Night Mumbles’ anyway?
Well, I came up with the title because when I was a desperate grad student, I found my most productive time is between 10-2*. That’s PM to AM, mind you.That’s when I have my me time, getting busy with my own thoughts, doing flash-back of what happened earlier that day, and somewhat, feeling chirpier. But often I was too tired to jot the lines down into writing, and ended up sleeping with my laptop on.
That’s tres bad, because in this stressful phase of life, *more of the whining later :p*, i have to find a place to express my thoughts, let go some emotions, share some knowledge, and do goofy stuff, online.
So, here i humbly present my new blog. feel free to read and put some comments :)
*And what do I do after 2 AM? I sleep. Because nothing’s good can happen after to 2AM. :p
Lotsa XOXO,

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